Martyrs Cross

The Martyrs Cross

The Martyrs Cross

On the hillside, north east of Chideock village centre, in a field leading from Ruins Lane, a large cross stands to commemorate the Martyrs of Chideock.

The original cross, made of Dorset Oak, was erected in 1951 by Lt Col Sir Humphrey Weld, on the site where the Castle stood until its destruction at the time of the English Civil War. It was renewed by Charles Weld in 1994 to mark the 400th anniversary of the death of Blessed John Cornelius and three other martyrs.

On 14th September 2006 (Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross), a commemorative plaque was placed on the pedestal of the Cross by the Catenian Association. It reads:

“On this spot stood Chideock Castle”

Built by Sir John de Chideocke in 1380, it was taken and destroyed by Parliamentary Forces in 1645.  During the reign of Elizabeth 1 and Charles 1, five men went out from here to die for the Catholic Faith. This Cross is dedicated to their memory and to two other martyrs from Chideock, who also died for their faith.

Access to the Cross is easily attained via the public pathway, which crosses Ruins Field.

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